MC Lively biography, net worth, career, education, relationship

MC Lively biography, net worth, career, education, relationship

Comedy can be in different forms, there are people who do stand-up comedy and others who act comedy. No matter the form of comedy one does, making people laugh has never been easy, so when one is able to, it is usually met with a lot of intrigue.

Mc Lively is an Instagram/YouTube comedian who has been able to keep his over 1 million Instagram followers laughing with his comedy skits.

Mc Lively is also an actor and events hosts and to make things even more interesting, he is a trained lawyer and an advocate of the federal republic of Nigeria from the Obafemi Awolowo university in Ile Ife, Osun state.

He was also called to bar in 2016, but instead MC Lively has chosen to stay in front of the camera and make people laugh.

According to MC Lively, his training as a lawyer has made him a smart, lively and engaging comedian.

If you want to know about MC lively biography, MC lively net worth, MC lively career, MC lively education, MC lively relationship, MC lively awards, MC lively wife, then you are in the right place.

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MC lively profile

An overview of MC lively profile:

Real name: Michael Sani Amanesi

Also known as: Barrister Mike

Occupation: Instagram comedian, Actor, events host, lawyer.

Nationality: Nigerian

Date of birth: 14th August 1992.

State of Origin: Osun state

Education: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

MC lively net worth: $50,000

Mc lively biography
Mc lively biography

MC lively biography (Early life)

MC lively whose real name is Michael Sani Amanesi was born on the 14th of August 1992 in Ile Ife Osun state, Nigeria.

He was born in a family of 7, and according to MC lively, he was beaten a lot by his mother. This made him question if she was his biological mother.

In an interview, he told a story of how his mother used razor to cut wounds on his body and rubbed pepper on it. This was because he left his younger sibling, who was just a baby, unattended to after he was put in his care.

MC lively admitted to being a stubborn child and also said he used to steal meat from the pot, and at one time, even poured the whole pot of soup on the floor when attempting to steal meat.

He also is the only one that attended a public school among his siblings, because, according to his mother, it was too expensive.

MC lively education

MC lively attended the Ideal nursery and primary school in Ile Ife, he then attended the Moremi high school for his secondary school education.

He wrote Jamb 3 times before he got admission to study Law in the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Ile Ife. Although he wanted to study mass communication, but it was not available in OAU then.

He is the only one that attended a public school among his siblings, because, according to his mother, it was too expensive for him to attend a private school.

He graduated in 2015, and also went to law school for a year, before being called to bar in 2016.

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MC lively career

MC lively started out as a stand-up comedian (he was a big fan of “Night of a thousand laughs”), but he wasn’t very successful. There was a time in his school when he stood in front of a crowd and cracked a joke and nobody laughed, not even his girlfriend who was part of the crowd then.

This happened on more than one occasion, before he decided to be comical instead of trying to tell jokes on stage.

MC lively started doing funny skits and posting them on his Instagram page, which in a short time got him a lot of followers.

In his skits, he usually plays a frustrated Nigerian man who is looking for a job. According to MC lively, his skits are inspired by his environment and the things that happens around him every day.

The skit that made him famous was one he titled “Agidi”, which focused on fuel scarcity in the country, the video went viral and got him a lot of followers on the photo sharing app.

The idea for the Agidi video was gotten when he was in a church, the inspiration for the comedy came from the sermon that was preached that day.

Apart from comedy, MC lively is an actor, and he starred as “dele” in a comic movie titled “Fate of Alakada”.

MC lively has featured in many comedy skits with other popular comedians like Teju baby face, basket mouth, Mr macaroni, Broda shaggi, frank donga, Julius agwu, Bovi, Kofi, Gandoki, Gbenga Adeyinka, Omobaba, Tee A, Lasisi elenu, Klint da drunk, AY, Okey bakassi and many others.

MC lively awards

MC lively won the Royal Africa youth leadership award conferred by ooni of Ife.

He won the City people award for comedy act of the year.

MC lively relationship

Many people have been searching for MC lively wife, MC lively girlfriend. MC lively is not yet married, but there are rumors that he is engaged, the name of the lady is not yet known.

When we get that information, we will update this post.

MC lively net worth

MC lively net worth has been estimated at $50,000. He is one of the most followed Nigerian comedians on Instagram, with over 1.5 million followers, he also is an actor and featured in a comic movie titled “Fate of Alakada” in 2020.

MC lively is an event host and has hosted over 200 events in many states in Nigeria.

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MC lively social media

If you want to keep up with MC lively, you can follow him on the below channels:

Instagram: @mclively

Twitter: @mc_lively_

YouTube: Mclively

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