Mr. Macaroni biography, net worth, education, career, early life and many more.

Mr. Macaroni biography, net worth, education, career, early life and many more.

If you are a regular Instagram user, you must no doubt have come across one of Mr. Macaroni comedy skits on your feed.

Mr. Macaroni is an Instagram comedian, actor and social media influencer, he is known for catch phrases “Ooin”, “You’re doing well”, “Freaky freaky” and “Fantabulous”, he has over 800,000 followers on Instagram.

He came to the limelight with a series of skits where he plays the role of a Sugar daddy looking for a side chick and also that of an old school teacher.

Mr. Macaroni comedy skits are Unique; he is particularly known for the way he takes off his glasses in his skits. He has worked with some of Nigeria’s top actors and comedians like Seyi law, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Woli Arole and some few others.

Mr. Macaroni has featured in some soap operas and movies like “Super story”, “Face 2 face”, “Family ties”, “Papa Ajasco”.

If you want to know about Mr. Macaroni biography, Mr. Macaroni net worth, Mr. Macaroni education, Mr. macaroni career, Mr. Macaroni early life, Mr. Macaroni relationship, then you are in the right place.

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Mr. Macaroni profile

Let’s take a look at Mr. macaroni profile overview

Real name: Debo Adebayo

Also known as: Sugar daddy, Mr. Fantabulous

Date of birth: 3rd May, 1992.

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Actor, comedian, social media influencer

Mr. Macaroni net worth: $100,000

State of origin: Lagos state

Mr macaroni biography
Mr macaroni biography

Mr. Macaroni biography (Early life)

Mr Macaroni (Debo Adebayo) was born on the 3rd of May in 1992 in Lagos state, he is a Nigerian actor, social media influencer and Instagram comedian.

He was born into a family of 10 children (6 sisters and 4 brothers), he is the last born. His mother is an educationist, while his father is a journalist. According to Mr. Macaroni, his childhood was pretty simple.

Mr. Macaroni education

Mr. Macaroni education is a pretty complicated one, he attended three different private Universities before he was finally able to graduate from the Redeemer’s university (and even then, with controversy).

According to Mr. Macaroni, he got admission in his first private University, to study Law and after two years in the University, he and his course mates got information that “Law” wasn’t yet accredited in the University.

After a few meetings with a few of the University’s staffs, he realized that the school was a bit non-chalant about the whole situation, so he decided to leave.

In his second Private University where he was admitted to again study law, he had an issue with one of his lecturers, he was then temporarily suspended from the University. Rather than wait for the suspension to be over, Mr Macaroni moved on to a different private University.

Mr. Macaroni got admission into another private University (His third University) to study Creative arts. After a while in the University, the school informed him that it wasn’t offering creative arts at that time and instead, he should study English language. Mr Macaroni got angry and left this University, as he didn’t want to study English language but Creative arts.

Again, he got admission to study creative arts in the Redeem Christian church of God owned school “redeemer’s University” in Osun state. He was the president of the student boy, while he was still in this school.

Another controversy came up few days before he was going to graduate, he was expelled for a post that he made on his Facebook page, which the school found to be demeaning and portrayed the school in a bad light.

This case was later settled out of court, and Mr. Macaroni received his certificate in 2018, which he happily posted on his Instagram page.

He also completed his National youth service corps (NYSC) in 2020, he posted a video of his fellow students who were very excited to see him and take pictures with him.

According to Macaroni, he spent over 6 hours taking pictures with some of the students.

Mr macaroni career

Mr macaroni started out as an actor, he featured in movies and soap operas like “Super story”, “Face 2 face”, “Family ties”, “Papa Ajasco” etc.

According to Mr. macaroni, at a time, he wasn’t getting any movie roles, this made him feel like he was wasting his time. He then started noticing Instagram comedians like broda shaggi and maraji who have found success doing comedy on Instagram.

He took inspiration from them and started posting comedy videos on Instagram, playing the character of an old school teacher.

He also started playing the character of a Sugar daddy looking for a side chick, it’s was with these skits that Mr. Macaroni rose to popularity.

Macaroni has worked with some of the top Nigerian actors and comedians like Seyi Law, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Woli Arole etc.

Mr macaroni is known for his catch phrases ““Ooin”, “You’re doing well”, “Freaky freaky” and “Fantabulous”. He has over 800,000 followers on instagram.

He is also known for using heavily endowed ladies on his comedy skits.

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Mr. macaroni relationship

As far as we know, Mr macaroni is not in any relationship, and he has even said in an interview that he is a virgin. So if you have been searching for “Mr. macaroni girlfriend”, he doesn’t have one.

When he does get into a relationship, we will update this post.

Mr macaroni net worth

Mr macaroni net worth is estimated at $100,000. He is a very popular figure on Instagram, with over 800,000 followers, he should easily secure some endorsements in the future, as well as get the chance to work with some big company brands.

Mr macaroni social media

If you want to link up with Mr macaroni on Instagram, you can do that on the below channels:

Instagram: @mrmacaroni1

Twitter: @mrmacaroni

Facebook: mrmacaroni

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