Omah Lay biography (Age, early life, career, education and net worth)

Omah Lay biography (Age, early life, career, education and net worth)

Omah Lay whose real name is (Stanley Omah Didia) is a Nigerian singer, song writer and producer that was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Omah lay started getting attention from the mainstream media sometime in 2020, his EP ‘Get Layd’ garnered a lot of attention and has been widely accepted by music critics in Nigeria.

In this post, am going to be writing about Omah lay biography, Omah lay early life, Omah lay career, Omah lay education, Omah lay songs, Omah lay net worth and everything else you will need to know about this artiste.

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Omah lay profile

Omay Lay real name: Stanley Omah Didia

Omah Lay Age:

Omah lay record label: Dvpper music record label

Omah lay music Genre: Afro fusion

Omah lay net worth:

Omah Lay Instagram:

Omah Lay twitter: @omah_lay

Omah lay biography
Omah lay biography

Omah lay biography (Early life)

Omah lay was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, his father was a percussionist for popular and legendary highlife singer Celestine Ukwu before he died in 1976.

Omah lay father is also a drummer, these musical influences likely made Omah lay to take up interest in music.

Omah Lay Career

Omah started getting mainstream attention sometime in 2020, his first official single that was dropped on the 14th of February 2020 has garnered almost a million streams on all platforms.

Omah lay’s debut EP ‘Get layd’, a 5 track EP (Damn, Lolo, you, bad influence, yeye) has been featured on Soundcity in their top 20 countdown and also Cool FM 96.6 radio station during the taste maker’s chart.

Lots of people in the Nigerian music business have tipped Omah lay to go on to become a superstar, much like Rema, who Omah lay has been compared.

Omah lay music genre

Omah lay is primarily an afro artiste, he has said in the past that he easily weaves through afro genres but the vibe always hits him as high life first.

To quote him “I easily weave through afro genres but the vibe would always hit me first as highlife, I guess its hugely due to my massive exposure to high life growing up in a music family like mine.”

On his debut EP “Get layd”, Omah lay has shown that he has the ability to adapt to different music genres, and this will definitely help him, as the Nigerian music sound tends to change every time.

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Omah lay songs

Some of Omah lay released songs are:

  1. Damn – “Get layd”
  2. Lolo – “Get layd”
  3. You – “Get layd”
  4. Bad influence – “Get layd”
  5. Ye ye ye – “Get layd”
  6. Hello brother
  7. Do not disturb
  8. Tonight
  9. Alternate cuts

Omah lay net worth

Omah lay is still getting the attention of the mainstream public and if he continues in this trajectory, he should start raking in a fortune, his net worth will definitely increase.

Omah has garnered lots of followers on Instagram and twitter in a short time, he also has a lots of streams on his debut EP “Get layd” across all platforms.

He has also been compared to Rema, who he shares a similar hairstyle with

Omah lay Social media

If you want to follow Omah lay on social media, you can follow him on twitter and Instagram:



Omah lay Awards and recognition

  1. Apple Music’s new artiste of the month (June 2020)
  2. He was recognized on the march episode of native mag’s “fresh meat” as an artiste to look out for in 2020.

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