Okikidft biography, net worth, career, education and more

Okikidft biography, net worth, career, education and more

Read all about Okikidft in this Okikidft biography.

Okikidft (Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope Okikijesu) is a Nigerian comedian, actor, Instagram content creator and online influencer.

He is mostly known for sharing funny skits on Instagram alongside the likes of Sydney talker, Lord lamba, Nasty blaq and a few others.

The name “Dft” is the initials of his full name, while Okiki is the name that his mother is fond of calling him.

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Okikidft profile

The below is the profile of Okikidft

Name: Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope Okikijesu

Date of birth: May 24th, 1997

Age: 23 years’ old

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Lagos state

Place of birth: Agege, Lagos state

Ethnicity: Yoruba

Occupation: Actor, comedian

Associated acts: Nasty blaq, Sydney talker, Lord lamba.

Okikidft net worth: N/A

Okikidft biography

Okikidft whose full name is Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope Okikijesu is a Nigerian comedian, content creator and actor.

He is mostly known for sharing short comedy skits on Instagram, alongside fellow comedians like Sydney talker, Lord lamba and Nasty blaq.

Okikidft education

Okikidft completed his primary and secondary school education in Nigeria, and obtained his primary school leaving certificate and west African school leaving certificate.

He then proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he is a student.

Okikidft career

Okikidft is an Instagram comedian, he is known for sharing short comedy skits on his Instagram page, were he has over 300,000 followers.

He is mostly associated with Sydney talker, Nasty blaq, Lord lamba, Pankeeroy, whom he has featured alongside in lots of Instagram comedy skits.

Okikidft net worth

Okikidft net worth has not yet been estimated. We will update this page with that information later.

Okikidft social media

If you want to follow Okikidft on social media, you can do that via the following channels:

Instagram: @okikidft

Twitter: @okikidft


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