Janemena biography age, career, education, net worth and many more

Janemena biography age, career, education, net worth and many more

Jane Mena is a popular Nigerian Instagram model, dancer and social media influencer, she is mostly known for posting twerking videos to her Instagram page.

She has managed to amass over a million followers on Instagram, thanks to her twerking skills. Jane Mena is unique in the way she dances, her slim figure and flexible nature has enabled her to capture both male and female fans in a way that is rarely done.

Janemena first came to prominence when she won Nigerian singer Kcee 2-million-naira competition. Ever since then, she has been regularly posting jaw dropping twerking videos on her Instagram.

Apart from dancing on Instagram, Jane Mena is a social media influencer, she regularly advertises for big brands as well as promoting their products on her Instagram page with over a million followers.

She is the owner of Jane Mena glitz, that deals on women accessories such as bags, clothes, shoes etc.

Jane has been criticized by many who feel her twerking on Instagram is provocative and inappropriate.

Jane Mena has been very successful dancing on Instagram, and since twerking is just a type of dance, there is nothing really wrong with it.

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Jane Mena profile

Real name: Usiwo Orezinena Jane

Career: Instagram influencer, dancer and model

Date of birth: April 3rd 1993

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Delta state

Jane Mena net worth: $100,000

Jane Mena husband: Mr. Plies

Jane Mena Instagram: https://instagram.com/janemena

Janemena biography
Janemena biography

Jane Mena biography

Jane Mena, whose real name is Usiwo orezinena Jane was born on April 3rd 1993, she is an Instagram dancer, social media personality and business woman.

Jane Mena is known for posting raunching twerking videos on her Instagram page, she has amassed over a million followers on Instagram.

She first came to prominence when she won Nigerian singer Kcee 2Million naira dance competition, she continued posting her twerk videos on her Instagram page, from there she built a loyal following.

Jane Mena has been able to use her fame to make money for herself by aligning with big brands and also by starting her own company @janemenaglitz on Instagram, where she sells women accessories like shoes and bags etc.

Jane Mena is a beautiful, slim and tall girl who has enticed men on Instagram (and even women) with her crazy twerking skills.

She has been criticized by some for posting extremely sexually provocative twerking videos, but Jane Mena doesn’t seem to care, as she continues using her God’s gift to make a name for herself.

Jane Mena education

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Jane Mena career

Jane Mena is an Instagram dancer, she posts suggestive twerking videos on Instagram, with which she has built a massive following.

She is a social media influencer and business woman who works with big brands to promote their products on her page, she also uses Instagram to sell women accessories like shoes and bags.

She is also an ambassador for Lisha hair.

Jane Mena husband

Jane Mena is married to Mr. Plies, who proposed to her during a valentine get away in Maldives island. According to Mena, she met Plies when she was going to visit her boyfriend and she fell in love.

Videos of Jane Mena’s wedding went viral on social media; she was seen twerking on her man provocatively.

Many people were surprised when Jane announced her marriage, since they thought nobody would want to marry someone who was always twerking on Instagram.

Jane Mena net worth

Jane Mena net worth is estimated at $100,000. She makes money by promoting the products of big companies on her Instagram page that has over a million followers.

She also makes money selling women accessories like shoes and bags on her Instagram business page @janemenaglitz.

Jane Mena social media

Instagram: https://instagram.com/janemena

Facebook: https://facebook.com/janemena

Twitter: https://twitter.com/janemena

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