OGB Recent Biography And net worth, education, age, career and more

OGB Recent Biography And net worth, education, age, career and more

Read all about OGB recent biography and net worth.

OGB Recent is a Nigerian fast rising comedian and skit maker who rose to prominence in 2021 under the moniker “cultist”*

OGB recent profile

Stage Name: OGB Recent, Cultist

Real Name: Michael Charles

Date Of Birth: September 2,1995

 Education: SSCE

 Career: Comedian, Skit maker

 Marital Status: Single

 Net worth: over $100,000

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OGB recent Biography

Ogb recent biography

Born Michael Charles. OGB  Recent was born on September 2, 1995 in Warri, Delta State, South South Nigeria. He is of the Ijaw tribe in Delta State and grew up in Warri.

OGB Educational Background

OGB Recent had both his primary school and secondary school education in Warri, Delta State. He attended public primary and secondary schools and graduated from high school in 2013. He then decided to start hustling and get the money first before thinking of furthering his education to university level.

OGB Recent Career

OGB His talent for comedy can be traced back to when he was in primary school. Then he was part of the school drama club and often played a comic role in any school drama.

Even when he advanced to high school, he was also part of the school drama and literary club and often represented the school in different drama competitions.

After Charles finished high school, he decided to go into acting despite working a 9 to 5 job in Warri, Delta State. He enrolled in different acting auditions. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out well as he was not picked.

He was very keen on acting and took some advice from friends who advised him to start comedy skit making since the talent was there already.

Cultist, on the other hand, was a huge fan of popular skit maker Brain Jotter and his skits. So he decided to use some of the Brain Jotter style but try to infuse the “cultist” character to make it look unique.

Soon, he started uploading his videos on different social media platforms and in a few months, boom, he hit the limelight and his skit and the cultist character started spreading like wildfire and thus slangs like “u dey whine cultist?”, “u wan collect?” and others became popular slang amongst youth and children.

This year 2022, fortune really smiled on OGB, as almost everyone in Nigeria knows him and often streams his skits. “Cultist character” was what really shaped his career, and while some fans frequently question him for having almost the same voice as Brain Jotter, he does tell them that Brain Jotter was his idol, and that’s why some of his skits emulate his.

Ogb recent net worth

OGB has featured lots of popular celebrities in his skits, including: “Nedu Wazobia”, Mr. Macroni, The Cute Abiola, Ayomidate, and Kelvin Ikeduba, to mention but a few.

Personal Life

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Currently, she resides in Lagos. No one knows if he has a girl in his life yet, though he has been pictured with lots of girls in the past.

When he first started skit making, people presumed that he might be a cultist due to the way he plays the cultist role perfectly. But he has debunked the claim and often tells people to stay away from cultism and that he only plays the role for entertainment, nothing else.

OGB Recent Social Media

Facebook- @ogbrecent

Twitter- @ogb__recent

Instagram: @ogb__recent

YouTube: @ogbrecent

OGB Recent Net worth

Recently, he has really made lots of money within just a few years of his rise to stardom. The skit is said to be worth an estimate of over $100,000.


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