Anita Nneka Jones Biography, net worth, career, relationship and more

Anita Nneka Jones Biography, net worth, career, relationship and more

Anita Nneka Jones, a television presenter, presents to tens of millions of people each week through premier league productions.


Anita nneka jones

Real Name: Anita Nneka Jones,

Age: 31 years old

Birth place: London, United Kingdom

Nationality: British Nigerian

Career: Television reporter and presenter

Net worth: N/A

Instagram: AnitaNnekaJones

Twitter: @anitannekajones

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Anita Nneka Jones career

Anita’s work to this point has brought her from the BBC into the fast-paced world of football presenting and reporting, and she does both of these things from her home in London.

She is a reporter for multiple sports who is female, British and Nigerian, and bilingual. In both English and Spanish,

After beginning her career in local radio and television, she went on to work for the BBC, and now she is part of Premier League Productions and hosts the daily update show for Premier League TV’s “Fantasy Premier League.”

Anita’s areas of expertise are football, tennis, and rugby, and she has a genuine love for all three of these sports. Due to the fact that she is fluent in Spanish, she was able to conduct an interview with the previous manager of the club, Unai Emery, when she rose through the ranks of the BBC’s Kick Off Trainee Sports Reporter scheme to become a regular presenter of Arsenal Football Club’s matchday show, “Arsenal Nation Live.”

Anita has co-presented and produced the BBC’s Women’s Sports Show, reporting live from iconic London events such as the Vitality Big Half, the London Marathon, Epsom Downs horse racing, and The Championships, Wimbledon. These events include the London Marathon.

Anita, who is now an ambassador for Endometriosis UK, was officially diagnosed with the ailment in 2018, but she had been suffering from it since she was 14 years old.

Anita’s primary care physicians failed to recognize the symptoms of endometriosis, so she was not properly diagnosed with the condition for a long time. She now uses her platform to talk about her experience with the disease in the hopes of reducing the social stigma associated with discussing periods and assisting other girls and women in recognizing the signs of endometriosis so that they can receive the treatment they require.

Anita wrote a report about living with the disease and gave it to BBC London News. She also talked about it in Parliament as part of an investigation by the All Parliamentary Party Group.

Anita Nneka Jones social media handle

She is active on her social media handles and she has been able to gather a lot of followers. You can follow her on

Instagram: AnitaNnekaJones

Twitter: @anitannekajones

Anita Nneka Jones Net worth

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There’s no information about her net worth, and it’s yet to be publicized


How old is Anita Nneka Jones?

She is 31 years old. Her exact date of birth is unknown

Where is she from?

She is a British Nigerian



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